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21 ene. 2010


Inés, recuerdos de una vida from luisa sossa on Vimeo.

When my great grandmother Ines died, she left her children a very particular inheritance: 10 notebooks of 100 sheets tied up with strings, inside of a bag that said “To my children” It was the story of her life.
Ines lives an idyllic love story at a very short age which marks her until the day of her death, but because of her father’s prohibitions, she ends up marrying Gonzalo Pelaez in the 20s, a violent gambler, womanizer who loved having babies but not raising them, they had eighteen.
She was subject to physical and psychological abuse from Mr. Pelaez during 25 years, they divorced in the 50s, although this procedure was not common in most parts of the world. She worked sewing nonstop until she could get her children ahead. The last days of her life she dedicated to read, write, participate in politics, travel, sew and chat, what she liked best.
Almost 20 years after her death I read her notes and get interested to rescue and make visible a forgotten memory written in some old notebooks… to recover a micro history that will tell the story of many, of ordinary people and common stories.


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